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Joined: 2009-06-28
Dropped: 2010-3-27


[drop post]

[Due to this, Yuzuriha and Inuki now stand just on the other side of the barrier looking shocked.]

((A drop post. ETA tag anywhere! Open forever ;-;))

1k meme (/'A')=I:::I#######

It took much longer than I thought it would take, but Yuzuriha finally broke 1,000 comments over CFUW and then went over by +400.

Relationship/first impressions meme for Yuzuriha or anyone in my lineup (Naminé, Chris, and Kaname sure). Length of response may vary but I'll try to go into detail. Note, seeing Inuki automatically adds about +10 Friendship Points even if she doesn't know you very well.

too many other random things I don't want to make a whole new entry forCollapse )

ETA: I still owe you art, Canaan, Konatsu! ;A; Sorry for slaaaacking


[cfuw: Masqué's game | locked to: Rinoa]

Rinoa-san, I don't think you're a wolf but are you really sure about fighting Masqué-san by getting voted out...?
[sitting somewhere, is a girl and her dog]

Ok, Inuki! We've got to get this right, understand?

((aka, what happens when you work 3 of the days of the game))

[ooc] Meme Parade

And again! Namine, Chris, Auron, Yuzuriha.

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Since some people were wondering about the slowness and lag and issues and might not know:

Hacker attack takes down Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal.

Social networks Twitter, Facebook and LiveJournal on Thursday morning were overwhelmed by denial-of-service attacks disrupting access to more than 300 million users. Botnets — thousands of infected home and workplace PCs — flooded the websites with nuisance requests, thus cutting off access to anyone else.

Meme for Naminé|Chris|Auron|Yuzuriha

Pack? What is this packing? Memes are happening.

Drop MemeCollapse )

- Also another note about Inuki... I forgot to mention that Inuki has really good instincts about people. Magical spirit doggie of magic and spirit. \o/
Serious poll: are you a bad enough person that he'll growl/bark/get defensive at? Or do you have canon where most animals don't sense your aura of evil and love you like a Disney Princess? (He might sense the truth, despite that, so would like to know how okay that is.)

- And while we're at it, the other meme:
It runs on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being intolerable, five being neutral, and 10 being top score.

Gets Along With:
Finds Attractive:
Finds Interesting:


Re: Invisible Inuki

Q: What is Inuki?
- He is Yuzuriha's spirit dog! A cute, gray puppy that can float around and who you can notice isn't all quite there (sometimes) but completely tactile - so you can touch him and he's fuzzy and warm and almost anything like a real dog. HE IS ALWAYS AROUND. Even if I don't mention him, he is 24/7 around Yuzuriha.

Q: Can I see Inuki?
- If you are anything other than a normal earth human you can probably see Inuki, otherwise he's invisible to you. All Aliens, Espers, Timetravelers, Enhanced Human, animals, magicians, etc. are good to go. Slight update! Highly relevant for spiritually sensitive/psychic people or those very powerful or Not Human. Otherwise I'll accept anyone as I did previously, but those are the general guidelines. He's likely visible when he shapeshifts into something (sword, shield, stuff). If you're unsure, have a special case, or would like to make a case for your character seeing him or not, please comment here! Yuzuriha would totally love for you all to see him.

- Otherwise, if you can't see him, puppy text will be invisible: [Next to Yuzuriha, Inuki hovers in the air.] (highlight)

- With the nature of camp and for On The Fence individuals, I'm willing to handwave it just enough so it could be like sensing something is there (like a ghost aka What was that shadow...?).

Possibly relevant since there are those of a canine nature at camp: Yuzuriha is a descendant of the keepers of the Mitsumine Shrine, who are masters of Inugami. Her family name, Nekoi, which literally means "reliant on the cat", was deliberately chosen to conceal this. The Mitsumine Shrine is known as an important site for wolf worship. IDK if this will ping anything, but a fyi.

Stats and Permissions

Age: 14
Height: Average!
Weight: Average?
Medical Info: Nothing weird or notable
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Short, black hair
Physical traits: CLAMP? Thin but athletic.

What's Okay To Mention Around Her: Anything! She'll be particularly happy if you mention the puppy that's always around her.

Abilities: Inuki is her Inugami (spirit dog) who can transform into anything. Normally he turns into a sword for her, but he has turned into things like a shield and a net. Yuzuriha can also create a kekkai (spirit shield) in the shape of a cylinder. It's basically a shield that warps the area it envelopes into a alternate space that looks the same, but sans people. It's a battle arena! Any damage to buildings or structures while in the kekkai will disappear once the kekkai is put away, unless you severely injure/kill the person controlling it - in which case the kekkai disappears but leaves all the damage.

Notes for the Psychics: Is a bright, optimistic teenage girl, except has the end of the world on her mind. Thinks about Inuki, and the man she loves Kusanagi. Has a strong desire to help people.

Hugging/kissing/other non-violent contact: Yes!

Fighting: A good fighter with a sword! And what she might lack in skill she also makes up in determination.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: She may be confused and a bit hurt. For anything serious, please ping me. :)

Maim/Murder/Death: If the thread calls for it, but ping me if you're really concerned. Death avoided if possible.

Cooking: Really enjoys cooking~ Tastes pretty good too!